CHATEAU TURCAUD is now labelled "TERRA VITIS", The stamp of French vinegrower-winemakers who respect nature, Man and wine.

Bordeaux Clairet : 50% cabernet franc, 50% merlot. Price per bottle $88.
Ahalf-way house between a red and a rosé produced only in Bordeaux, Clairet is a descendent of the first wine ever produced in the region.
More deeply coloured than the rosé and more reminiscent of redcurrant or raspberry.Slightly more tannic structure than the rosé with greater body and vinosity. More refreshing than the red wine particularly in summer.
It is best enjoyed chilled with brightly-coloured starters, cold meats, salads, and exotic or spicy dishes such as tajines, couscous, and Mediterranean food. Bordeaux Clairet is also a treat with grilled meat, tapas, and cocktail nibbles. It is ideal with picnics and outdoor meals,